Yahoo Finance Enters Crypto Space, Provides Vertical Just for Crypto Players

Yahoo Finance has created a vertical just for cryptocurrency traders.

When it comes to tracking stock investments, you’d be hard pressed to find an investor who doesn’t religiously use Yahoo Finance, or who’s at least visited the site for investment information.

The site has long been a place for investors to check on their stocks’ performance and now cryptocurrency traders can also turn to it to stay abreast of how their tokens are doing.

What’s available on the site

The finance site has added more than 100 cryptocurrency quote pages across all platforms globally. These cryptos include not just the largest cap cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, but also smaller cap tokens like Ripple and Dash.

Information related to quote pages, profile information, historical data, coins outstanding, market cap, and data on currency pairs will be provided thanks to a partnership Yahoo Finance entered into with CryptoCompare.

Yahoo Finance’s head of product Michael La Guardia said:

“From Ethereum to Zcash, these pages will include all of the powerful insights you’ve come to expect from Yahoo Finance, and more – profile information, historical data, coins outstanding, market cap, and data on currency pairs – provided by our partners at CryptoCompare.”

Yahoo Finance boasts that the benefits of these listings include giving cryptocurrency investors a means “to manually track their crypto positions on their Yahoo Finance portfolios.”

They’ll be able to do so by linking directly to their Coinbase accounts, thanks to a partnership Yahoo Finance inked with TradeIt. 

Through this integration, iOS and Android users will be able to view their Coinbase accounts without leaving the Yahoo Finance app.  

Clearly this is another plus for the crypto space, which has found itself to be a magnet for those in the mainstream who have been drawn to the meteoric price rise of Bitcoin and other cryptos. For its part, Yahoo Finance saw an opportunity, and seized on it. La Guardia said: 

“We are trying to make sure that we’re always as effective as possible, adding that the site hopes to “provide for more value for the people that are using the app.”

Crypto summit

In making the announcement about the cryptocurrency vertical, Yahoo Finance also announced a crypto summit it plans for next year. Called the “Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit: Crypto,” the event will take place on February 7, 2018 in New York City.