Cryptocurrency, Simplified.

Exchanging Fiat to Cryptocurrencies: Is it Getting Easier or Harder?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining speed every week and every day. The straightforward question comes: how to exchange everyday cash for a position in Bitcoin, or any other hot or trending digital coin. The answer to that is not quite straightforward, as… Continue Reading →

Gold to Your Name: Anonymous Bitcoin Transactions

One of the major selling points of Bitcoin is the confidentiality of the transactions. Unlike other electronic transactions like PayPal, you can open a Bitcoin wallet without providing your name, age, or any other identifiable personal information. The clear-cut and… Continue Reading →

5 Must-Dos When Investing in ICOs

CoinDesk’s “State of Blockchain” report indicates that a third of investments raised by startups in the first quarter of 2017 came from initial coin offerings (ICOs). The trend will only grow, as evidenced by the network congestion experienced with ICOs… Continue Reading →

Should Investors Worry About The Recent Ethereum Crash?

The increasing popularity of Ethereum Ethereum is a new name among those who aren’t really into cryptocurrencies. You often hear it called “the cryptocurrency of the future.” Well, there are very good reasons for this. How about the fact that… Continue Reading →

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