XVG on the Verge of Greatness? Big Things Could be Happening Soon Says the Team

Full disclosure – I invested in Verge (XVG) in early 2017, and I did not do it because it was cheap or because I was looking for a quick buck – the reason I bought Verge was that the community was passionate and the developer actually took time out to address concerns and answer questions.

Now, almost a year later, Verge has gone through a rollercoaster of a ride, rising from under half a cent to almost 30, before dropping massively and now, seemingly recovering. This time around, however, things look much better for the controversial coin, and I recently had a chance to speak with Kareem, Creative Director from the roundtable at Verge, and one of the most active members of the team, involved in promoting the coin and taking new initiatives for growth.

Going over some of the existing and upcoming developments, Kareem shed light on several issues the cryptocurrency faces, and how the team is trying to cope with them. While there are several negatives impacting the coin’s growth, no one can deny Verge’s resilience, and that is what everyone is counting on now.

The Verge team is trying to raise 50 million XVG for continued development and to ensure that the project is funded for the foreseeable future. According to Kareem, the much-anticipated big deal XVG is trying to land, is going to be locked in if the community can show their support behind the project by donating funds for development.

In regards to the frequent criticisms, Kareem also discussed several misconceptions. Firstly, contrary to popular belief, Verge is not behind on the roadmap and several promised updates are ready to go - The stunning new website & merchandise store which is expected to go live with a bespoke designer clothing collection aimed at the crypto community by a designer listed in the Forbes under 30 list

As for the RSK contracts, the team is reportedly waiting on Rsk.org, while they have been contacted by several companies in different sectors for partnerships. The same is the case with the security audit, which, many believe, will give Verge much-needed validation as a secure and private cryptocurrency.

The team’s vision for Verge is much bigger though – they don’t just see it as a privacy coin – they want it to be a massive movement, something the upcoming deal is expected to facilitate. They want XVG to solve prevalent issues such as banking the unbanked and providing secure, transparent, immutable and low-fee, fast transactions to a global user-base.

However, up until now, Verge has been led by one main developer, several specialized developers and largely volunteered help. As it stands, If the community wants the coin to grow and give competition to the top 10, it needs to support the development effort by pitching in whenever and wherever possible.

At this stage, Kareem believes the coin is priced just right for crowdfunding, and raising the 50 million XVG is what will be key for the coin’s future, especially when the upcoming deal is confirmed – which, in his own words, ‘will be a game changer’.

At the time of writing, Verge’s donation address has almost $800,000 worth of XVG, which is a positive sign from a passionate community. What remains to be seen however is how the cryptocurrency manages to deliver on promises and expectations. 

If you’re interested in helping Verge grow, you can head over to their official donation page and contribute. For more updates, you can follow the currency on Telegram and Twitter.