Verge slumped these days, as one single developer, Sunarok, was sweating over the Wraith protocol. Some believed the update would never arrive, or lag for months, wiping out hopes about Verge. 

The Verge (XVG) market price had a downward trend for a few days, as newcomers were urged to hold onto their coins. Some believed the negative news around the Wraith protocol were unfounded and meant to induce panic-selling.

But the announcement for a functioning version of the protocol came just in time: 

The XVG price recovered from its lows, and had another successful day.

At the moment, even John McAfee believes the run of the XVG price may be unfounded. In a recent tweet, McAfee stated a price of $0.15 was expected in the long run, and yet XVG reached that level within weeks from sub-penny positions.

The positive news will have to sink in, as XVG will have to climb back to the peak above $0.26. At the moment, Verge is a part of a crop of up-and-coming coins and tokens that have evolved rapidly both in terms of market price and community, as some of the Bitcoin wealth flows again into altcoins. 

This time, however, investors in rising altcoins seem to be aware the projects work in the long run, and rarely trade in the newly acquired coins. The lessons learned on "HODL"-ing seem to be preserving the gains for many of the new arrivals, including Cardano, Tronix and similar coins and tokens trying to hold onto a higher price range.

CV Market Watch™: RAI Blocks Brought to its Knees

In the case of Verge, the past few days have been a test of resistance against negative news, which only caused a temporary drop in prices. Other projects that rose too rapidly are having similar corrections, including RAI Blocks (XRB), which at one point slid down 30% in one hour of trading, but recovered afterwards.