The Stratis (STRAT) digital asset has been a "boring" coin for months now, and the chief criticism is the project is slow on self-promotion and marketing. However, the Stratis team has mentioned many times that active promotion is not its priority. The team stated marketing would come, but only after certain technical features of the project were completed.

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Stratis was one of the most successful ICOs in 2017, rising from the token sale price of $0.002 to $20 at one point. But as the price stalled and reached lows of $2.80 in the fall, the community demanded more involvement.


Now, Stratis may enjoy more influence after being added to a UK payment platform, Payza.

Yet for Stratis, the good news are hardly affecting the sinking STRAT market price. Social media show that STRAT is seen as a "sleeping dinosaur" coin, and there is no knowing right now if the coin can command a much higher price. Still, there is much more STRAT activity compared to the post-ICO period.

The two Stratis ICOs promised for the next few weeks may add a boost to the price. Yet STRAT is not regaining its positions against Bitcoin, despite regularly high trading volumes. Bittres and Binance affect the price seen for non-Korean investors, and STRAT has felt some weight recently, dropping below $12.

Chris Trew, the project's founder, sees wider interest in Stratis in the US, but also curiously, the Netherlands. But at this point, the developers' academy still has not launched, and the STRAT price may be months ahead of overcoming the volatility and the negative views.

For now, Stratis also remains relatively hard to buy for newcomers, especially with the renewed Bittrex verification demands, as well as move of Binance to restrict new accounts. So price action is limited to a handful of markets and traders, allowing for speculation and large price fluctuations, both in the past and in the current price movements.