Storj Labs Strikes Deal with Cap Linked for Blockchain Enterprise Storage

Storj Labs has partnered with an enterprise storage platform to mashup its decentralized storage service with Cap Linked's service.

Storj Labs, an open source decentralized cloud storage service has partnered with Cap Linked, a software-as-a-service platform for enterprise secure document storage and sharing. The announcement came on Wednesday via Storj's official blog. Cap Linked is fusing its encrypted document storage to the security and assurance of peer-to-peer networks. Other cloud storage providers are yet to implement blockchain as part of their service offering.

The mashup is the first of its kind between an enterprise file sharing service and decentralized blockchain technology. Storj Labs' service takes data as inputs and shreds it into multiple parts that are distributed on a peer-to-peer network of nodes. Because each part is privately encrypted, only the right key can unlock files in full.

The service is ideal for Cap Linked's enterprise business. Arons Lee, CTO of CapLinked said

"Our platform is frequently used in mergers, licensing deals, financings, audits and other projects that involve sharing data and other content between companies." 

Decentralized peer-to-peer networks enable tamper-proof, auditable data storage. Their indifference to centralized databases and management is a paradigm shift in how data - all types of data - is managed. Most commonly known use cases are associated with financial transactions and smart contracts. Storj Labs, however, applies it specifically to data storage.

Cap Linked handles files that include audits, financings, mergers and licensing deals for clients such as Ernst & Young, Lending Club, and FTI Consulting.

Clients typically seek out Cap Linked for their software as a service platform. The firm enables external apps to safeguard, trail and recall access to files via APIs. Additionally, a wrapper adds management and permission functions for groups to read labels of the who, where and what of access.  

Storj services will append an additional layer of security for Cap Linked's clients. John Quinn, Storj Labs co-founder, and Chief Revenue Officer said of the deal:

"For organizations like CapLinked, whose customers demand the highest levels of security, Storj's decentralized network provides the peace of mind needed to secure the most sensitive data."

Cap Link is one of many enterprise document storage services competing in the market alongside DropBox, Box Inc., and Citrix Systems Inc. Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp also offer cloud solutions. But the company is betting on its partnership with Storj's decentralized storage to set it apart from peers.

The company has made the code available for an open-source NodeJS module on its Github repository. Developers can test it for adding custom watermarks to files stored on the Storj network.