Sprint, NXM Lab Collaborate on Developing Blockchain-Based System to Thwart Hackers

In a first of its kind partnership, Sprint and NXM Labs have set out to develop a system that makes it harder for hackers to infringe on new technology that’s designed to help drivers.

Hackers could have their work cut out for them even more so in the future, thanks to a partnership inked by Sprint and NXM Labs that entails the use of Blockchain.

The fourth largest mobile provider and the developer of an Internet of Things (IoT) Blockchain platform have joined forces to launch a security system that guards against hackers when it comes to vehicle owners and drivers..

Let’s go over this seemingly unusual partnership to thwart hackers.

What’s this all about?

Sprint and NXM want to launch this Blockchain platform to provide customers with in-car 5G WI-Fi, vehicle maintenance monitoring and scheduling, and crash detection.

The new Blockchain will marry the NXM platform to Sprint’s LTE network. The goal is to connect drivers’ smart devices to the internet while they are on the road.

Recognizing that this could expose these people to hackers, the two players saw their offerings, when combined, could keep users safe from these culprits.

First of its kind

NXM and Sprint officials boast this effort leading to the creation of the first Blockchain-powered Internet-of-Things (IoT) security system that guards against hackers.

The end result of the partnership is the combination of Sprint’ 5G-Ready Connected Car Platform with high-speed, on-demand passenger Wi-Fi with advanced vehicle health monitoring and safety, according to a statement released by Sprint.

Blockchain to the rescue

Ivo Rook, Sprint’s senior vice president of IoT, said the following about the partnership.

"Through the power of Blockchain technology, NXM provides an advanced level of security and advanced capabilities to vehicles that might not otherwise have it, even extending Wi-Fi. With the power of Sprint's high-speed LTE and upcoming 5G network behind the technology, consumers will be able to experience the latest in automotive technology, even in early-model vehicles."

NXM Lab’s CEO Scott Rankine said the following about the partnership.

"We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with Sprint to bring to market the most advanced and secure connected car platform ever powered by the industry's first Blockchain OS. We're making it easy for both preowned and new car buyers to experience the latest in smart connected vehicle technology features that not only help protect their investment but keeps them and their family members safe."

The platform will be available during the first half of 2019 at leading automotive dealers nationwide.