Sesame Street Makes Moves To Help Kids Learn About Blockchain

Sesame Street is known for educating kids, and now it’s moving to provide educational tools about Blockchain.

Will you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Most are familiar with these words to the main song for Sesame Street.

Now Sesame Street is gearing up to be known for its efforts to help kids learn about Blockchain.

Let’s discuss.

The players

This effort is being led by Sesame Workshop, which prides itself on searching for ways to help kids grow smarter. It’s partnered with Sesame Ventures and invested in a company called Kano that provides DIY coding kits for kids.

Sesame Ventures reportedly invested in a $28 million funding round to help Kano expand its product line. Kano’s CEO Alex Klein said that the latest capital would help the company expand its product offerings into new areas like the Blockchain.

He’s said the company is well known for its computer kits, but the real value now is in providing software and content.

To CNBC, he said:

"You're going to see some product announcements from us in the next few months that will give you a sense of how we are evolving the creative computing system, both software and hardware."

The next best thing

Kano wants to move beyond coding kits, and with Blockchain growing in popularity, it was seen as the next best area to enter.

To CNBC, Klein said it was clearly important to his company that they demystify decentralized networks like the Blockchain. He said the original premise was “build your own computer, learn to code, create the future.”

Also to CNBC, Klein said:

"But what interests us greatly is building your own internet, learning how networks work so you can protect your data, so you can carefully and creatively open up access ports to other people, exchange files in your own way, kind of take some control back over how these core communication systems in your life work."