Security Token-Oriented Firm KoreConX Partners with Australian Startup SME Brokers

KoreConX, a security token-oriented company, announced that it had partnered with SME Brokers, which will use the KoreToken protocol and security token platform provided by KoreConX.

KoreConX, a startup that leverages blockchain to tokenize securities, announced on Tuesday that it would integrate SME Brokers into its KorePartners ecosystem. SME Brokers is an Australian company that is a member of an international group of business advisers that support over 60,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in all the regions of the world. The company has access to technology-backed development and management programs meant to boost business performance throughout the SME’s lifecycle. 

According to the deal, SME Brokers will exclusively use the KoreToken protocol and the KoreConX platform. The company’s blockchain platform can be used to manage the entire lifecycle of security tokens, from issuance to management, trading, clearing, and settlement. KoreConX’s platform helps enterprises connect with the capital markets.

KoreConX CEO and co-founder Oscar Jofre commented on the deal:

“As a global platform, it is important for us to demonstrate we have KorePartners who understands our business and supports it 100%. SME Brokers is just that partner for us at KoreConX. They understand small and medium-sized companies and see the changes in the global marketplace.”

“This is why they support our security token protocol and platform exclusively in Australia, and we are thrilled to have them part of our family of KorePartners,” he added.

Michel Aliphon, managing director at SME Brokers, who is also a KoreConX executive, stated:

“We always strive to provide the best solutions to our clients. We can rest assured knowing that KoreConX developed a security token protocol and an all-in-one platform that is mainly focused on compliance and follows the regulations in multiple jurisdictions.”

As part of the agreement, SME Brokers will become a member of KorePartner ecosystem, which comprises broker-dealers, secondary market platform operators, capital market platform providers, lawyers, and firms focused on compliance, accounting, and marketing. The KorePartner members support the KoreConX security token protocol and endorse the company’s governance standards. As of today, KoreConX doesn’t display its list of partners, though there is a pledge on its that the members will be revealed soon.

Earlier this month, we reported that Mercury.Cash, a US-based crypto wallet provider, selected KoreConX as the official security token protocol to hold its security token offering (STO).

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