“Satoshi Nakamoto” Claimant Keeps “Tabula Rasa” a Mystery

This week, a Mr. Bilal Khalid claimed he was the original creator of Bitcoin (BTC), with a plan to launch the Tabula Rasa project.

Mr. Bilal Khalid is Satoshi Nakamoto, at least based on the claims of a recent “reveal”. Khalid claimed to have created Bitcoin (BTC) with much input from Hal Finney and other cryptographers, while himself being less savvy with technology.

After the revelation, Khalid promised to announce and describe “Tabula Rasa”, a new project to ushed in a “clean slate” for Bitcoin’s future. But so far, the project remains a mystery, as the planned revelation was delayed. There is no knowing what type of technology Tabula Rasa would have contained.

The only hint is that the project will not be an ICO, not surprising at a time when ICO fundraising has dried up almost completely:


Perhaps the reason behind the need for a restart would be Khalid’s claim that he lost access to 980,000 BTC due to a crashed hard drive that was thrown away without recovery. Having lost the wallet.dat file, and with no copy of the private key, Satoshi Nakamoto himself was, apparently, locked out of his wallet.

In the past, attempts were made to fork the Bitcoin network and alter its history to re-distribute the initial coins mined by the coin’s creator. But the value of those forked chains never approached that of the original coin. Multiple blockchains claim to be close to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision.

The revelation of Khalid was countered by the proponents of Bitcoin SV, who seem convinced that Craig Wright is the actual creator of Bitcoin. Those claims, in their turn, were once again countered by “real” Satoshi Nakamoto, another claimant to holding the true vision of Bitcoin:


For now, Khalid has been lying low, with no new updates on either the PR website or social media. But whatever his future plans, even Satoshi Nakamoto may not be able to sell a new digital coin in 2019, where thousands of projects are already fighting for attention.

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