SAP Opens Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform to All Customers

Germany's SAP has announced that its blockchain service is now available to all customers.

German enterprise software giant SAP launched on Wednesday its SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain with access for all customers. The service will help SAP users integrate the company’s various solutions into blockchain.

SAP said the service would be compatible with Hyperledger Fabric and MultiChain. Offered as a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS), the solution will allow users to develop new applications and networks and extend existing apps to apply blockchain capabilities. SAP made the announcement at its Sapphire customer conference.

The distributed ledger system is created on top of data platform SAP HANA and uses the SAP HANA Data Management Suite.

Gil Perez, SVP for product and innovation at SAP, stated the company had opted to launch its product even though most enterprise customers are still making their first steps in the proof-of-concept space.

“We are announcing the general availability of the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain Services,” he said at the conference, which had Jon Bon Jovi present as a special guest.

Perez added that SAP’s BaaS solution is flexible and offers compatibility with more blockchain approaches to give customers greater freedom of choice while the technology is growing.

This is a generalized service on top of which customers can begin building their blockchain projects.

In addition to its blockchain service, SAP announced the launch of a global blockchain consortium with seven founding members to speed up adoption of the technology. Members include giants like Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), UPS, and A3 by Airbus.

Last year, we reported that SAP launched its blockchain initiative with 27 companies. Since then, about 60 companies have joined the project and tested the distributed ledger technology for supply chain, transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other use cases. Over that period, the members had access to the blockchain services SAP made widely available on Wednesday.