Roger Ver Bashes Bitcoin Core Team at Malta Delta Summit

Renowned Bitcoin Cash (BCH) promoter Roger Ver fired shots at Bitcoin Core developers during a Malta-hosted industry event.

Roger Ver, known in crypto circles as the “Bitcoin Jesus,” decided to take aim at the Bitcoin Core development team in his presentation at the Malta Delta Summit. He argued that many of the ‘things that made Bitcoin popular’ no longer exist in the current Bitcoin Core network. Among those he included fast, reliable, and non-reversible payments, as well as lows fees.

Ver also targeted specific developers on the team (including Greg Maxwell, who left Blocksteam in January), attaching statements to each of them that say they approve of these slow transactions and high network fees.

This is by no means the first time Ver has made highly unfavorable comparisons between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. In the year since Bitcoin Cash first forked from the original Bitcoin blockchain, Ver has given countless interviews and participated in live-streamed debates and public events to highlight the apparent shortfalls of Bitcoin and explain why he believes Bitcoin Cash to be “the true Bitcoin.”

However, supporters of Bitcoin Core have steadfastly rebutted Ver’s comments, frequently taking to his Twitter page to post their own take on the matter.

With the Bitcoin Cash hardfork scheduled for next month and the project still suffering from a conflict between its own developers and miners, it will be interesting to see how the debate over which peer-to-peer electronic cash system is best unfolds.