Rethink Trust 2018: Iconic Blockchain Event Comes to Europe

The first blockchain engineering conference focused on Reengineering trust In the corporate sector will take place in Amsterdam on June 29.


Rethink Trust 2018 is a By the Bay cryptocurrency industry conference focused on blockchain development issues and its real-life use cases. The conference will feature leading experts from large blockchain companies with established reputations and proven experience in the industry, including Coinbase, IBM, Oracle, Bosch, ING, Bankex, Zededa, and four leading consortia. The event will take place at the historic Beurs van Berlage building in the center of Amsterdam on Friday, June 29.

Rethink Trust 2018 is part of a successful series of By the Bay conferences devoted to the core issues of software engineering behind big data, AI, ML and the use cases of new technologies in business. This approach sets it apart from typical blockchain expos, conventions, or coiner meetups.

This year the conference will look into the re-engineering of enterprise trust networks through blockchain technology, covering a wide range of topics including blockchain integration into the real economy, its adoption within different business systems, features and specifications of blockchain protocol and the specifics of distributed systems in Big Data, IoT, and AI.

Rethink Trust Conference is based on three fundamental principles: 

  • Engineering Excellence
  • Enterprise Applicability
  • Existing Business Verticals

If your company wants to adopt blockchain for business purposes, join Rethink Trust in Amsterdam to get invaluable information that could save you a year or more of research and learning by trial and error. The speakers of the conference have extensive experience in applying blockchain technology to existing business verticals. They will share their knowledge during intensive technical talks, workshops, panels, and a party.

IBM CTO Chris Ferris will present Hyperledger Fabric, which is developed by the company. Oracle will make a major business announcement, while Coinbase will slice and dice blockchain forks and qualified custodianship. This is just a small sneak peak of what to expect from the conference.

The philosophy behind the conference is described here.

The ultimate goals of the community:

  1. Bring Blockchain to Real Business Verticals
  2. Make Blockchain the best Working Data.

See the full program here:

There will be four coding workshops that will cover the following topics:

  • The most effective engineering practices for enterprise blockchains
  • Integrating Hyperledger for distributed enterprise trust systems
  • Decentralized consensus for consortiums
  • Secure and correct implementation of enterprise consensus and smart contracts
  • Granular private data and distributed privacy management

The conference is organized by By the Bay, Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab, Provectus.

Come to Amsterdam to shape a new definition of Trust with blockchain technology:

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