OmiseGo (OMG) Scheduled to Trade on Bitpanda

The Ethereum-based token is the next selected in the growing portfolio of Austrian cash-for-crypto exchange service Bitpanda.

OmiseGo (OMG), the Ethereum-based project that promises scaling to achieve modern fintech solutions, will soon be added for trading on the Bitpanda platform. The addition of OMG follows that of IOTA and Komodo (KMD), as well as EOS, allowing buyers to acquire crypto coins with a debit card, or even by prepaid vouchers available through the Austrian post system.

Bitpanda has not tweeted the addition of OMG as of the time of publication, but the event was scheduled by Cryptodar, and was largely expected by the community.

The OMG token is seen as one of the most promising projects to remain based on the Ethereum blockchain and keep the ERC-20 standard. OMG plans to launch side chains and scale its services. For now, the developments are still in the project stage.

The OMG digital asset has seen its price slide in the past months, with little recovery in scope. OMG is back to the $6.60 range, losing around 2.9% in the past 24 hours. OMG has been supported by Asian trade, but it has left in the past the days of rapid appreciation. OMG reached a peak of $23.89 in January, but remained very far from the possibility of three-digit prices.

Still, some see the project as relatively undervalued. OMG heard rumors of being added to Coinbase, once the exchange announced support for ERC-20 tokens. However, Coinbase has chosen another batch of coins and tokens for review. OMG remains a solid project with a strong development team, and backing from the Omise fintech company, which is already active in Thailand and the Asia Pacific region.

The OMG digital asset has most of its trading activity centered on HuobiPro, the Chinese exchange. More than 34% of all trades are against Tether (USDT), based on Cryptocompare data.

In addition to expanding its portfolio, the Bitpanda service underwent a period of maintenance:

Recently, the Austrian company started internal trading of its own Pantos (PAN) token, expecting listings on external exchanges in the coming months.

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