OKEx CEO Chris Lee has resigned from his position after the leading the exchange on its way to become the world’s largest by trading volume and expanding its operations in Malta. 

According to email from Lee, he left to “start a new life.” His spokesperson chimed in and added that it was the “greatest pleasure and an honor” for him to work with OKEx. This isn’t a permanent departure from the industry, however, as he is taking a break to spend time with his family before joining a blockchain company.

Right now, OKEx is decisively above its closest competitor—Binance—trading a total of $2.2 billion in coins per day. In comparison, Binance trading volume reached $1.7 billion in the same period.

Details on Lee’s departure are scarce, and the company itself has issued no statement aside from its usual weekly update for Sunday. A month ago, OKEx announced that it would be opening operations in Malta after discussions with the government and regulatory agencies to draft plans for entry.

“OKEx met with Maltese government and regulatory leaders to understand their legislative and regulatory plans, and provided written feedback and engaged in open dialogue. We are confident in the Malta government’s approach and decided to make Malta a foundation for further OKEx growth,” the company said.

Since then, the company has seen unprecedented growth, leading up to OKEx becoming the top digital assets exchange in the world last week. The fact that its CEO is leaving while leading it through growth at such a rate is highly unusual. However, there is no evidence of a problem within the firm that makes this look like anything other than a personal decision.