NEO Blockchain Games Competition Attracts 160 Teams

160 teams compete to create the most impressive game in a contest hosted on NEO blockchain.

160 teams are competing to develop the most engaging gaming applications based on the NEO blockchain network.

The contest, organized by NewEconoLab, aims to popularize the chain among game developers and the gaming community. According to its rules, all games must be open-source and based on NEO blockchain, with assets, behavior data and game logic being put on the chain. Registration opened in May.

Contest organizers have provided 3,500,000 YEN (approx. $31,500) worth in GAS to entice participation. The prize pool will be divided between 39 different awards.

Blockchain-based games and collectibles have surged in popularity since 2017. Ethereum was one of the first networks to adopt such games; however, in December of last year, the network was clogged by CryptoKitties, a feline collection game, which took up 20% of its transaction volume.

Although Ethereum remains the most popular network of choice among blockchain game developers, other networks aim to join the game craze. In April, NEO announced plans to host Hash Puppies collectibles, going as far as building a standard to allow for non-fungible collectibles.

NewEconoLab’s competition has attracted numerous sponsors, including Dapp, Cocoa China, and Bit.Game. Four meetups lead to the submission deadline of 15 August. Entrees will be scored by a panel of seven judges, on criteria such as visual effects, business value, and game creativity. The final awards ceremony has been set for August 30.