MetaHash Technology to Help Chinese Companies Compete Internationally, Says Project Advisor Liu Jubo

MetaHash advisor Liu Jubo believes the technology will be a driver of success for Chinese companies.

As Liu Jubo succinctly puts it, "#MetaHash technology and performance will help Chinese companies compete internationally." This is an evocative statement from the secretary-general of the Digital China Federation and the China IT Leaders Summit, as well as co-founder of the Chinese Angels Investor Association and chairman of the World Angels Investor Conference.

In a speech at the Chinese Academy of Sciences this month, China’s President Xi Jinping lauded blockchain as a revolution in technology and described it as important for China to become globally competitive and emerge as one of the world’s largest crypto market.
Twice awarded the honorary title of “An Excellent Diplomat”, Liu Jubo has helped step up efforts to support the creation of a regulated blockchain ecosystem and has fittingly become a #MetaHash advisor. His perspective is detailed in this video:

Once dubbed a “very ambitious project” by some dubious sectors, #MetaHash has kept abreast of its development roadmap, pointing the way for the cryptocurrency community to branch off from older blockchains that are “stagnating due to low scalability and a lack of smart contract or DApp functionality.” Naysayers have now been given plenty of food for thought with the public debut of the #TraceChain protocol and the #MetaGate browser.

The solution formulated by #MetaHash is achievement of the maximum possible network synchronization speed while using the standardized speed for most computers on the Internet bandwidth of 100 MBit/s. After a series of tests last year by dedicated #MetaHash developers, the project has created a multi-layered architecture to use standard computers for the network with the simultaneous maximum synchronization speed and verification of the data. A high-performance network library created by #MetaHash has become the basis for building a network of the future.

“Four components of the #MetaHash system form a single, synergistic entity.”

Advertising technology trailblazer Gleb Nikitin has joined forces with entrepreneurial leader and product development guru Anton Agranovsky to create #MetaHash. With a common vision of blockchain interoperability as the future of the distributed web, their team has developed #MetaHash - a pioneering next-generation solution based on Blockchain 4.0 which allows networks to interact and integrate with each other.

MetaHash has delivered not just a new variation of a blockchain network but a remarkable solution to problems inherent to blockchain. The project’s developers carried out tests to maximize the synchronization speed of distributed computer networks. After multiple try-outs last year, #MetaHash succeeded in creating a multi-layered architecture “with the external radius keeping connection with multiple clients, the medium radius bearing the load of slow intercontinental connections and the central parts being responsible for the full synchronization of the lost transactions.

Co-founder Gleb Nikitin revealed in an interview:

“Blockchain systems brought to life the incredible principle of decentralization of trust. The reason why this technology emerged is that people do not believe other people but are ready to believe thousands of machines belonging to thousands of different people. We tried to reinvent only the technological principle of this technology, to make it faster and more user-friendly. One might think that the world does not need thousands of transactions per second but that would be a big mistake.

The trial period, expected to run through the second quarter of 2018, leverages more than 200 temporary servers worldwide that will be replaced by token owner nodes once the network is fully functional. Interested parties can now download the free browser, which is available for trial on Windows, OS X and Unix, with iOS and Android to follow shortly. Once the numbers roll in from satisfied users, #MetaHash can validate its goal of 60,000 - 80,000 transactions per second.

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