Meet Nano, the Former RAI Blocks

The project goes on with a rebranding, despite the community criticism.

If you are looking for new crypto opportunities, and you are missing the old RAI Blocks, keep in mind it now goes by the name of Nano. Rebranding is what many coins and tokens have done, to appeal to a wider audience with better positioning.

In the case of Nano, however, there was some community criticism for choosing a too-obvious and overused term.

Yet the coin bounced a bit after the re-branding, as KuCoin trading lifted the prices. The coin has kept the same ticker.

The team has stated the rebranding is months in the making. Now, it remains to be seen if the new name lifts up the coin even more. XRB became famous as RAI Blocks after achieving the phenomenal climb in December. Now, the new Nano coin trades at around half the peak prices.

The name was possibly chosen for the potential of the network for free, small-scale transactions. The Nano project would include most of the featured demanded of a more modern cryptocurrency - an improved structure similar to IOTA for faster transactions, as well as a decentralized exchange.

But for Nano, a lot of featured are still in the making:

Some coins have managed a huge success after their rebranding. Among the most prominent examples are DASH (formerly DarkCoin), Verge (formerly DogeCoin Dark), as well as NEO and GAS, formerly known as AntCoin and AntShares.

The former RAI Blocks coin was popularized in a long distribution through a faucet, which stopped in October last year. Afterwards, the digital asset quickly gained fame, and now struggles to join one of the most active exchanges, Binance.

Nano may be years in the making, as even the most successful coins today had to prove their systems. But in this case, adoption has been extremely rapid, supported by the broad community. In this case, the early and wide distribution of RAI Blocks created an instant community.