Lisk Project: Relaunch Date Approaches Fast

The LSK market price is seeking to re-bounce from the low point, potentially on news of a relaunch after months of work on rebranding.

The founder of Lisk, Max Kordek, has the reputation for perfectionism. So, Lisk (LSK) spent months in a rebranding effort, while at the same time smoothing out glitches in community management.

Now, the relaunch of Lisk approaches, with a date set for February 20. The event was announces at the end of last November, and led to a brief spike in the price of LSK.

The LSK token market price has seen some growth, heading from around $7 at the end of last year to a peak near $30, and later retreating to $20. The asset has seen slower growth compared to other coins, and in part this may be due to the complex nature of the project and the community.

But given that LSK had started at below $1 in 2016, the current position shows significant growth. In the past months, the LSK price has shown even greater strength against Bitcoin.

The user-friendliness and the image of the Lisk ecosystem are important.

The chief appeal of Lisk is that it would allow for a complete platform, where developers could create distributed apps in JavaScript, a much more widely used language. Thus, Lisk aims to be one of the platforms to draw in a scarce resource, namely, developer talent.

Lisk and Exchanges

The LSK token was one of the assets temporarily frozen due to the theft from the Japanese exchange, Coincheck.

But Lisk will have another advantage in 2018: it has been shortlisted for trading on the Robin Hood app, where already long waiting lists are accumulating for mobile-based, no-fee cryptocurrency trading.

The Lisk Relaunch

Lisk News: Rebrand Will Include Completely New App, Lisk Nano and Explorer Discontinued

The Lisk relaunch would come with increased marketing and media presence for the project, possibly lifting up the token price.

For 2018, the expectations are it would be "the year of Lisk". But for this to happen, the project would need to deliver its promises.

What is still expected is the launch of the Lisk 1.0 Core, as well as the Lisk tool kit, at least in an alpha version. In addition, the February meeting should present the plans of Lisk for 2018.