Lisk (LSK) Pulls Relaunch Sooner, Price Boost Expected

The LSK market price has stalled around $30 due to a drop against BTC.

The long-awaited Lisk (LSK) relaunch event will finally reveal the new project vision this Tuesday. For now, the news has not registered with the market price, which hovers just above $30, but investors are very bullish on the project.

The Lisk team will reveal a new logo and graphic identity, which have not been leaked until now.

The LSK market price has been pushed down by the recent rise in Bitcoin, but volumes are picking up and the asset has shown its ability to rebounce from recent lows of $12.

The official event will be broadcast to all investors, just before Western trading starts, at 7:30 GMT.

As volumes for LSK are picking up, the markets will indicate whether the actual rebranding will cause higher bids. It is possible that the LSK price has already discounted the news.

Even now, a character competition has been going on for a Lisk mascot, with international submissions of a Lisk character:

Such drives popularize the project, but the challenge for Lisk is to secure developers and startup risk takers who will use the platform. To incentivize developers, the founder of Lisk, Max Kordek, has donated to the Pioneer's Vault, a LSK storage for bounties and startups.

The First Lisk ICO

Lisk is also seeing startup projects choose its platform, as some ICOs are brave enough to break away from Ethereum. BrikBit is a project aiming to bring the blockchain data structure and governance to real estate projects.

One of the use cases for BrikBit is the ability to invest in real estate and participate in projects through tokenization. The project allows investors to buy as much tokens as they can afford, which are backed by real square meters of property.