After being asked whether Ledger could expect to bring about TRX support by a follower on Twitter, Ledger’s reply was somewhat positive.

It turns out that some of the complexity in its blockchain is making it difficult for Ledger’s team to add the coin properly to the hardware wallet. We do not know if the Tron Foundation replied to Ledger’s invitation to coordinate a release, but it seems that the company is willing to work on such an implementation.

Earlier this month, Monero was the main topic of discussion in terms of Ledger support. Although the company has already implemented this under developer mode, stable support is still unavailable. The coin’s developer, Riccardo Spagni, took note of this and made some changes to the core software so that it would be easier to transition to full implementation.

It seems that the Tron Foundation would have to do something similar, and one of the ways this could happen is if the community pressures the team to work on it. Seeing as TRX is still dealing with the turbulence involved with a mainnet transition, this might not happen very soon.

Looking at Ledger’s frequently-updated roadmap board, we can see that Monero integration is still “In Progress” and there’s no mention of TRX inside the board.

Still, we can see that the company is working on supporting coins like Decred, IOTA, Zcoin, Zclassic, VeChain, Cardano, Tezos, and a number of others.

In their “Done” list, we find PIVX, which is interesting, since Zcoin is the originator of the Zerocoin protocol yet its implementation isn’t done yet.

PIVX’s implementation of Zerocoin happened nearly a year ago, making it today the first privacy coin to implement a proof-of-stake model that doesn’t rely on mining.

Despite these changes, Ledger finished the implementation of the PIVX coin last year in October. A similar implementation of TRX might not be excessively complicated, except for the fact that it’s a new coin and just barely developed a wallet through a competition that the foundation organized.