Until recently, Komodo, as well as several other projects, were an open-source and community-driven endeavor, headed by a few prominent developers. The most notable was JL777. But now, Komodo will aim to build a foundation to keep the community cohesive and the projects on track. 

Now, a foundational paper with simplified explanations has been released, and available for preview and download.

Notably, Komodo explains its project in a short way, since the KMD digital asset may seem just like another speculative token. In fact, Komodo is an entire platform with potential use for businesses who use the technologies and protocols: 

"Komodo is to blockchain technology as Linux is to operating systems."

The newly released paper also briefly explains how KMD tokens and transactions are secured. The Komodo protocol uses "delayed Proof-of-Work". Firstly, nodes verify transactions for double-spending. Then, they send copies of the approved KMD blockchain onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Thus, Komodo uses the complex, unbeatable Bitcoin encryption, saving a copy of the chain on the Bitcoin blockchain. But Komodo itself does not rely on separate miners. 

In the future, Komodo would also allow for the creation of ICO tokens using a similar dPoW approach. The Komodo protocol has greatly simplified the process: 

"We created a simplified process for the entrepreneur seeking to create a new blockchain product in the Komodo ecosystem. This provides entrepreneurs with efficiency, freedom, cost - effectiveness, and security. "

"The two most complicated aspects of creating a new blockchain are creating the code itself and generating the blockchain currency coins. We have condensed these intricate tasks into two simple commands that can be executed by any average computer user."

The recent news coincided with a recovery in the KMD market price. However, the token has not reached its previous peak above $12. 

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The Komodo digital asset is still seen as promising. KMD exists along with an ecosystem of similar assets created by JL777. Those include SuperNET, an older decentralized platform and exchange, as well as the NXT token ecosystem, and the up and coming Ardor and Ignis ecosystems, which would host their own types of tokens. 

Komodo is one of the answers for trading assets in a decentralized fashion and moving between blockchains.