Justin Sun Announces New Tron Wallet Chrome Plugin

Founder of Tron (TRX) Justin Sun, just announced the new Google browser-based Tron Wallet V1.7.0 plugin.

Continuing the flurry of new Tron updates and developments this month, Justin Sun has just released details on his Twitter page of how to install the latest Tron wallet that’s now available on the Google Chrome browser. In the post he regards this new update as,

“An amazing multi-functional wallet applying to Chrome plugins designed specifically for the TRON web”

According to the attached medium article, this new Tron wallet boasts a,

“Good user experience, stable performance, fast and smart program allow users to easily and quickly interact with their digital accounts.”

And includes other intuitive features such as a TRX market checker, QR code creation that allows you to receive TRX directly into the wallet as well as a voting function that enables users to vote in ‘Tron Super Representative Elections’ by freezing TRX tokens held in the wallet for 3 days, in exchange Tron power. 1 TRX = 1 vote.

The article also posts a series of images and guidelines, instructing users on how to download this new edition to the Tron family.

While many have already taken to Twitter to applaud this new development, some have shunned the V1.7.0 wallet as a ‘hack just waiting to happen’; commenting on the recent security flaws exploited in the MEW wallet hack at the end of April.

While these concerns are well-founded, Tron’s partnership with Google represents the combination of two tech market giants with some of the best minds in both the blockchain and cybersecurity industries. If your money is going to be safe with anyone, chances are it’s with them.