John McAfee’s Latest Prediction: Major Crypto Price Surge in July

John McAfee, who has taken passionately to making predictions about the cryptocurrency market, is forecasting a surge in July.

John McAfee, the founder of one of the best-known antivirus software companies, seems to be enjoying his new role as the unofficial fortune teller of the crypto market.

McAfee tweeted that he expects Bitcoin prices to jump up to $15,000 in July, reversing the current bearish trend. Bitcoin was trading at $7,611 at 4:00 am UTC Friday, data from CoinMarketCap showed.

He said in his post:

“My short-term price predictions: In a major dip, with nearly everything dropping, the price of Docademic doubled since my prediction. The market will turn before June 12th, and my predictions will hit. My algorithms predicted Trump's June 12th date. They have never been wrong.”

His other forecasts include the surge of Golem from $0.49 to $5 over the next two months. Docademic, which is ranked 238th and currently trading at $0.143, is also seen by McAfee to increase in value and jump to $0.73 by mid-July. Bezop, number 648 and currently priced at $0.117, is predicted to hit $0.52 during the same period.

He also posted a picture graph showing the upward trajectory of Docademic with the caption “, a picture is worth a thousand words…”

McAfee's tweets with predictions on digital currencies are starting to get the attention of the industry and other social media platforms. Although he claims near-accuracy, some of his predictions have failed. Nevertheless, his bold forecasts have influenced many cryptocurrency traders and investors and how the market moves.

McAfee apologizes to Cryptosecure

One instance where McAfee got it wrong was with Cryptosecure. He jumped the gun on this one after news reports claimed the company was served a cease and desist order. McAfee quickly communicated his disapproval and gave up on the project.

On Wednesday, he tweeted his apologies to Cryptosecure for the incorrect news reports he had received about the company. He said:

“Cryptosecure update: media reports were incorrect. They have not been served with a cease and desist. They have a letter, applicable to New Brunswuck, Canada only, stating that they might be selling securities in New Brunswick. My apologies to Cryptosecure.”