John McAfee Goes Missing Again; Confidante Claims He Has Been Arrested

The Twitter feed of one of the most colorful voices in the crypto sphere went silent, with a final message for an arrest at sea.

The John McAfee Twitter handle, @officialmcafee, has once again sent out a series of messages from a third party, suggesting that McAfee himself may have been arrested. In the past, McAfee has communicated multiple episodes of evading arrest, usually taking off with his team on their yacht.

Lately, McAfee has been posting from Cuba. But the latest series of tweets suggest he was arrested at one of the ports of call:

Based on the narrative of @loggiaonfire, McAfee’s boat was boarded and arrests were made.

About a month earlier, a conspicuous Twitter absence was seen as evidence that McAfee was arrested, but he showed up again from his usual location, the island of Exuma in the Bahamas. Shortly after, the team continued to tweet on the way to Cuba, finally landing on the island.

McAfee has set out to campaign for the US presidency in 2020, and in his usual manner, has set out to bring a message of personal freedom. The latest disappearance will, allegedly, trigger the release of secret information planted by McAfee.

Previously, McAfee attracted attention by a drive to unveil the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator, in stages, but he stopped short of giving more evidence. In the past years, McAfee kept the pace, even after suffering a poisoning episode. Before the disappearance, he scheduled the release of his own cryptocurrency decentralized exchange based on a smart contract, as well as possibly the launch of his own digital asset.

The reported arrest on the McAfee boat happened just at the time when US authorities are once again extremely interested in digital coins, with the aim of limiting their influence and risk.

Skeptics also see the latest communication as a spoof, or another bid for heightened publicity.

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