Indian Teenager Threatens to Blow up Miami Airport After Losing Bitcoins

A high school Indian student got upset about losing his Bitcoins to a US scammer and made several calls to Miami airport with threats to blow it up.

An Indian teenager lost his Bitcoins to a US scammer and threatened to blow up the Miami airport because the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) refused to help him recover the lost investment, the local media outlet The Hindustan Times reports.

The high school student from the North India state Uttar Pradesh, whose name is not disclosed, borrowed $1,000 from his father with the aim to invest money in Bitcoin. His claims that he was a successful trader and made a whole bunch of money in just five months before he met a US guy on one of the online forums, who offered to boost his fortune. However, he disappeared once he got the Bitcoins from the trustful Indian teenager.

The boy first applied to the US FBI in hopes that the Bureau would help find the US-based fraudster recoup his Bitcoins. He got the FBI's phone number on the Internet and made at least 50 calls between October 2 and October 31 to no effect. Disappointed by the FBI's indifference and unwillingness to deal with his problem, the teenager started threatening to blow up Miami airport by bursting inside the terminal armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, grenades, and a suicide belt.

The schoolboy made the calls over the Internet using a fake identity and a fake e-mail ID, but the local police managed to track them anyway after the FBI asked India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) for assistance in finding the hoax caller.

The boy was charged under the Indian Penal Code and the IT Act, according to Uttar Pradesh state police chief.

While a First Information Report (FIR) was filed against him, he was not arrested as 18-year old Indians are not considered criminally liable. The local police will be investigating the case to decide the fate of the guy. However, the punishment is unlikely to be serious as police believe the schoolboy was not serious about his threats.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin scams are mushrooming, ripping the unsuspecting public off their digital possessions. Recently, 700 French investors lost about 31 million euro in a massive crypto scam.

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