Gaming Company Electronic Arts: “Invest in Crypto”

The American game company Electronic Arts tweeted a succinct message, exciting the crypto community.

US company Electronic Arts, a game producer since 1982, tweeted a succinct, but exciting message. The new piece of mainstream endorsement excited the crypto community.

Of course, the message had a double meaning, as Electronic Arts announced “Crypto” as a character in one of its upcoming game releases. But this did not stop cryptocurrency influencers from grabbing the message and running with it. Exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Huobi endorsed the message, giving it the direct meaning of actually investing in digital assets.

The “crypto” moniker has also been disputable between the investment-minded community, and the researchers of cryptography.

In the past, Twitter has been an arena for brief but influential endorsement of digital coins. Even Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has endorsed digital assets, and the social media even allowed crypto-based tipping. Other notable Twitter endorsements include that of Chris Giancarlo of the Commoduties Futures Trading Commission, who had friendly messages for crypto fans. And no one has surpassed the effect of Elon Musk’s tweets related to crypto assets, which at one point even mentioned Dogecoin.

Crypto coins and tokens go together with gaming for a long time. Initial adoption was partially boosted by gamers, and even Bitcoin (BTC) was used in early in-game payment systems. Later, altcoin projects established their own gaming ecosystems.

Crypto assets proved especially suitable for in-game marketplaces. Projects like WAX offered ways for direct in-game purchases without borders. Gaming projects are one of the most active on new networks like TRON and EOS. But those are usually small games by independent teams, and for now, large-scale gaming companies are abstaining from crypto assets, especially altcoins.

Actually investing in crypto has been a risky proposition. While during bull markets assets have shown appreciation of up to 10,000%, most altcoins went on to lose more than 95% of their value following the bear market in 2018.

Games like Second Life were also one of the early vectors for crypto acquisition. At one point, Linden dollars, a centralized asset used in Second Life, were used to acquire crypto coins.

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