First Blockchain Game to be Released on PS4

Sony has approved a game for PlayStation 4 with a built-in Ethereum-based marketplace system.

Blockchain gaming has claimed a new first as Sony has approved a game with blockchain functionality to be released for the popular gaming console PlayStation 4. Plague Hunters, an Ethereum-based role-playing game, will be the first blockchain game to be available on a major console.

As is the case with other blockchain games, assets such as weapons, heroes and cosmetic items will be purchasable with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is not clear how many of Plague Hunter’s core features have made it through Sony’s strict review process, but the blockchain-powered ownership of gameplay assets has been approved.

The Rise of Blockchain in Video Games

Blockchain gaming is a fairly new concept, popularized by the infamous Ethereum-based CryptoKitties, which burned 20% of Ethereum gas at its peak of popularity. Such games utilize blockchain technology to allow ownership over game assets. Although such games have attracted attention from players and investors alike, Plague Hunters is the first title to be published on a mainstream console gaming platform.

PlayStation 4 is Sony’s eighth-generation home console, and one of the most popular platforms for video games, with over 81 million units sold worldwide. As of April of this year, the PlayStation was the most popular gaming console in the world, outselling competitors such as the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

In addition to Plague Hunters, other blockchain gaming projects passed significant milestones throughout 2018, highlighting growing interest in the domain. Collectible card game Gods Unchained stirred controversy after a virtual card from the game sold for over $60,000 months before the game was even playable.

Other notable projects include Sgame Pro, a blockchain-based gaming platform that incorporates blockchain technology in mobile gaming, rewarding players for time spent in-game with SGM tokens which can then be used in other games on the platform. The project successfully reached its fundraising hard cap in September 2018.

Plague Hunters is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2019, with versions for PC and Switch following after. Arcade Distillery, the developer of the game, is also examining possibilities for both mobile and Xbox One releases.

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