Fashion TV Builds Decentralized Luxury Goods Platform

The internationally renowned brand will power its new network by tokenizing style and luxury goods.

The internationally renowned brand, Fashion TV, reaching an audience of over 1 billion viewers, is making its foray into the world of blockchain technologies. The platform will offer a marketplace for models to promote their personal brand without the need for intermediaries. But the ecosystem of the FTV Coin Deluxe will also allow exclusive access to luxury goods and exclusive lifestyle items.

The Fashion TV decentralized platform would open the doors to up and coming models, who would be able to enter the industry without the cuts from intermediaries and agencies.

“The crypto community is no longer only for geeky tech enthusiasts,” says Michel Lisowski, Founder and President of FashionTV.

“It’s becoming mainstream, and coupled with our dominating presence in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, we are bringing extravagance and luxury to the blockchain,” he said.

The platform is already open for the public presale of the FTV token, running until May 15. The ICO stage starts on May 18.

The FTV Coin Deluxe will be a digital asset carrying many privileges. For aspiring models, owning the F Wallet would mean an instantly recognizable business card, complete with a QR code for direct payments. Additionally, the wallet would serve as a social identity in the FTV community, and tokens would be redeemable for exclusive luxury goods.

For the luxury market and services marketplace, the FTV Coin Deluxe would allow access to discounts and offers on luxurious cruises, exclusive entry to fashion shows and FashionTV parties, phones, yachts, watches, jewelry, high-end fashion brands and designers, cosmetics, lingerie, and high-end furniture, to name a few.

The tokens would also guarantee votes on virtual and real-life contests, and owners would always be able to directly sponsor models through the F Wallet.

And for a truly exclusive experience, the FTV Coin Deluxe would allow access to a private concierge that will arrange for deductions on exclusive locations and stores and notify members of events including parties, red carpet events, fashion shows (including Victoria’s Secret shows), model contests, and more.