Exclusive: Telegram ICO (TON); Roadmap and Gram Token Price Leaked

Telegram, the popular social messaging app, may be considering launching its own ICO for the Telegram Open Network, TON, this year.


With billions raised through initial coin offerings in 2017, it seems like everyone with an ‘idea’ is jumping on the bandwagon, and given how the monetization of social messaging platforms has been a challenge, it is not surprising that these apps are now considering their own tokens.


Exclusive: Telegram ICO (TON) Leaked Whitepaper Reveals Ambitious Plans

With Kik having raised close to a $100 million in its ICO and Signal considering MobileCoin, rumors and a Facebook post by Anton Rozenberg indicated that Telegram may be considering its own blockchain-powered “Telegram Open Network” or TON.

TON Setting High Expectations

A video, leaked earlier, cited Telegram’s rapidly growing reach, with 180 million active users, 500,000 new daily sign ups and 70 billion messages a day, as the precursor to its own blockchain platform.

With bold claims, such as the ability to handle millions of transactions per second, infinite sharding to prevent congestion, instant off-chain transactions and support for billions of users and thousands of decentralized apps, TON is setting itself up for huge expectations.

Leaked TON Roadmap and Token Details

While there are no official details from Telegram regarding TON, a source has shared a TON roadmap leak and token details with Cryptovest.com.


According to the leaked roadmap, TON will see a minimum viable test network, stable deployment and launch of a Telegram wallet, all within 2018, while additional services will roll out in 2019.

The source also revealed plans for the Telegram ICO to be launched around March 2018, with its native token “Gram” going on sale for about $1.20.  A vesting period for the tokens is also expected and the source indicated that a thawing of tokens will take place on a quarterly basis starting 2019.

It appears that the token supply is going to be well into the billions, and additional services, including a wallet, an exchange, a decentralized DNS, VPN and support for decentralized apps is also on the agenda.

Whether or not the leaked information holds until official announcements remains to be seen, but if these details are anything to go by, Telegram’s ICO for TON may be among the biggest in 2018.