Ex-JPMorgan Blockchain Exec Unveils New Startup

The former head of JPMorgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence, Amber Baldet, has announced a startup called Clovyr, which is an ecosystem for blockchain apps.

Amber Baldet, former head of blockchain initiative at JPMorgan, announced the launch of a blockchain venture called Clovyr. She co-founded the startup with Patrick Nielsen, another former JPMorgan employee who was in charge of developing the bank’s open source blockchain projects.

Baldet presented the new startup on Monday at the Consensus 2018 conference in New York. Clovyr will provide an online store for decentralized applications.

“It's a way to help people think differently about decentralized application design,” she said.

In April, we reported that Baldet was leaving her post at JPMorgan to start her own venture. Since then, there has been much speculation about her plans. She hinted at this announcement last week during the Ethereal Summit organized by Ethereum-oriented blockchain software company ConsenSys.

“This really is an amazing community and we're excited to do our part to help it grow,” Baldet stated.

At JPMorgan, Baldet was responsible for supervising product development at in-house blockchain solution Quorum and coming up with a blockchain strategy for the investment bank. Christine Moy, a senior product manager, was named the new head of JPMorgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence after the departure of Baldet.

Baldet has appeared on Fortune's 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young business people.

The project’s official website states:

“Clovyr brings the flexibility and ease of use of modern application development to the blockchain domain. More than just a development framework, Clovyr is an ecosystem of applications and services that empowers teams of all sizes to experiment, iterate, and grow products to production much faster than before.”

Given its nascent stage, Clovyr is actively looking for talented individuals to fill different roles, from development and design to marketing and support.