Emurgo and SIRIN LABS Partner to Bring Cardano to Mobile Users

Emurgo will work on the SIRIN LABS smartphone specifically designed to access the Cardano ecosystem.

Emurgo and SIRIN LABS will form a strategic partnership to expand the ecosystem of the Cardano blockchain. SIRIN LABS, a unique producer of open-source proprietary electronics, will continue to design the FINNEY™ smartphone allowing for cold storage of crypto coins.

The task of Emurgo would be to integrate the Cardano ecosystem into the phone, which would also carry the ADA token.

"We are incredibly excited to be able to work with Emurgo on implementing the Cardano protocol into SIRIN OS and our upcoming FINNEY™ family of devices. The availability of the ADA token will undoubtedly enhance the user experience and utility of the FINNEY™ smartphone, to both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream users," said Moshe Hogeg, CEO of SIRIN LABS.

The FINNEY™ device will feature an exchange, to add to the smooth user experience beyond the capabilities of general-purpose smartphones. The Cardano protocol is still in development by the Input Output HK engineering company.

"It’s very exciting that we can work with SIRIN LABS to expand the blockchain industry. Also, it’s great news for the Cardano community that such an innovative smartphone will support ADA," said Ken Kodama, CEO of Emurgo.

The Cardano project performed its ICO in 2017, since then gaining prominence and becoming a top 10 coin on CoinMarketCap. The ADA token is designed for speed and security, and in the future may become a suitable and smooth payment mechanism.

SIRIN LABS has also developed the highly secure SOLARIN smartphone, before moving to a completely new, blockchain-enabled device. The company aims to bring the blockchain economy closer to everyday users, and offer a simple, free (zero-fee) and secure system for borderless payments.

The Emurgo company is based in Japan, and its main expertise is business development and integrating companies into the Cardano ecosystem.