Dan Larimer of EOS (EOS) Hints at Big Announcement in June

The project has been relatively quiet since appointing block producers and hosting multiple apps.

The founder of EOS (EOS) Dan Larimer shared a veiled pre-announcement on the project’s Telegram chat. No details were given on the nature of the announcement, but the hype spread across social media.

Block.One, the company that owns the EOS code and released it to the community, also made a pre-announcement of a Washington event this June 1, potentially hinting at the venue of the announcement:


There are no major conferences or events listed for that date, suggesting EOS may make an independent announcement, deemed the biggest since the launch of EOSIO, at least in Larimer’s words. The event, B1June, is also meant to generate curiosity, as a dedicated page was set to invite registrations and the right to first updates on the issue.

The news failed to affect the EOS market price, which hovered around $3.65 after a sell-off on Tuesday that depressed prices across the board. For now, EOS prices have remained relatively unchanged, and the network has not made any significant announcements.

EOS also remained at the top of China’s government rating of public blockchains, shows the 11th edition of the report. The network has gained acceptance and partnerships, despite glitches and the occasional loss of coins through an exploit. Currently, the speed of EOS seems to be making up for the problems, as the network remains among the fastest in the world.

According to Blocktivity, EOS works through more than 20 million transactions per day, with a record of above 48 million transactions per day. EOS distributed app (dApp) users also count in the thousands each day, while Ethereum (ETH) shows a very restricted user count.

Based on a new measurement by CoinMarketCap, EOS has a relatively high Fundamental Crypto Asset Score (FCAS), with 907 “Health” points. The estimation is based on pointers of user activity, developer achievements, and asset maturity.

EOS has also improved the price of the RAM resource, falling to new lows of around 0.04 EOS per kB, allowing for more accessible dApp launch and usage. Additionally, the EOS ecosystem is awaiting wider integration with other projects, including Waltonchain (WTN), and saw a recent swap option for EOS-based tokens through Bancor.

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