Stratis (STRAT), yet another coin that recovered nicely from the September slump, is on the move again. After a few days of sinking prices, STRAT holds up and even continues to gain. Some believe the coin may be destined for even higher prices.

The STRAT market price has suffered mostly on panic-selling, and the product has been a bit slow to materialize. In 2018, in case ICOs come to the platform, the price of the underlying digital asset may improve. But even now, STRAT has been one of the fastest-growing post-ICO coins, starting the year at just a few cents.

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In the coming weeks, the first two ICOs for the Stratis platform may launch, but so far there are no mentions of potential projects. The community expects STRAT to continue rising at least for a week, keeping a general positive trend.

The growth of STRAT has been more organic compared to other crypto coins. The project has seen much lower popularity and marketing compared to other digital assets, and is still seen either as a "sleeping giant", or a boring coin going nowhere. 

For now, STRAT has not yet recovered its positions against Bitcoin, while other coins have managed to rise even more in BTC prices. But the project is just starting out with marketing and partnerships, and may continue to claim positions in 2018. 

Stratis Wallet Potential Scam

As the popularity of Stratis grows in the next round of robust price growth, a potentially dangerous link is still active, offering the creation of an online wallet. 

The address gives an insecure connection, and a legitimate-looking address to a service which would most likely expose private keys. The wallet has been created by a company named " STRATIS WALLET Essen", unrelated to the official London-based Stratis company.

For now, the signup for the service has been deactivated. But the best approach is to download the Breeze wallet from the official site link, or wait for wallet updates from the team.