RAI Blocks (XRB) has fallen away from its peak prices near $36. But the future may be bright, as the coin seeks listings on more active markets. The short-term aim for the next few weeks will show whether XRB can prevail and gain a listing on Binance. 

XRB had a few jittery days when the price fell on negative news of a compromised web wallet and problems with withdrawals from the Mercatox exchange.

But now, XRB is only steps away from a listing on Binance, having won the community vote last month: 

Binance has confirmed the upcoming listing, making January a month of potential growth for XRB. 

"We would like to congratulate the winner - RaiBlocks (XRB)!

As promised, XRB will be awarded with a free listing placement on Binance. The exact listing time will be announced separately."

While the coin is still rather young, its proponents have shared expectations it may replace most existing cryptocurrencies both as a store of value and a fast means of exchange. 

Making a coin obsolete, however, may take years, or turn out to be impossible, as digital assets are rather robust, and RAI Blocks has only been around for a short while. While the coins have been spread to many wallets via a long-running faucet, after trading for a while, the assets may find their way into fewer whale wallets. 

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The RAI Blocks network has a fixed number of coins, no mining and no fees. This has raised some questions on how exactly the asset becomes valuable, since it resembles a centralized currency, like a gaming token. The network is only secured and verified by nodes, which are also comparatively easy to set up.