Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was flat for almost a month, but then it went through another explosive round, taking it from $1,400 toward $1,900. Bitcoin's fork rose just as previously booming altcoins retreated. 

What is even more curios is that the next few days may see another case where Bitcoin is sold off and Bitcoin Cash bought up. And while Bitcoin trading is happening at extremely high volumes, the bull market in altcoins continues, and this time, it seems it is the turn of Bitcoin Cash.

Mining profitability is slightly better for Bitcoin Cash right now, and this has slightly affected the Bitcoin network. Things look like another weekend of congestion for Bitcoin, where block time has stretched to more than 13 minutes and there are more than 140,000 pending transactions. 

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With the new price range above $2,000, Bitcoin Cash may expect a different perception, as it was previously price-shamed compared to Bitcoin's rise. And yet BCH has yet to climb out of the hole as its price against Bitcoin was deeply depressed, despite the peak in dollar prices.

The Future of Bitcoin Cash

Despite the drama and mining wars, Bitcoin Cash has a clear vision- to remain a usable system of payments, where Bitcoin sees network congestion and high fees. With that bid, it is no wonder Bitcoin Cash may command higher prices. There is even talk of creating mainstream investment products based on Bitcoin Cash, including ETNs and futures, but so far no official information. The CME, which is poised to release Bitcoin futures, is so far in a wait-and-see stage regarding other digital assets, stating that "we’re watching customer demand to see what is needed in this market going forward ". 

So far, Bitcoin Cash has a much smaller community and network activity, but things may change quickly as 2018 turns into the Year of Crypto.