Crypto Proponent John McAfee Goes Dark Leaving Twitter Account with Staff

McAfee has been a vocal, though a controversial supporter of digital assets. He went dark on social media after suggesting the US government was “closing in” on him.

Update: The latest Tweet from John McAfee's account seems to indicate that he is doing just fine and the message about him going dark was, perhaps, humor.

John McAfee, known for his prediction of Bitcoin (BTC) reaching $1 million in 2020, has gone dark from social media, seemingly leaving his Twitter account to his staff. The sudden disappearance, just days after continued communication and suggestions he may be on the run, sparked speculations of whether the US law enforcement was involved.

Within the cryptocurrency-related social media circles, McAfee was undoubtedly influential. During the bull market in the final months of 2017, a single Tweet by McAfee could lead to stunning daily growth for the asset he mentioned. His “coin of the day” tweets managed to cause significant pumps, especially in the case of low caps.

In his latest provocative series of Tweets, McAfee even promised to reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. But he cut that promise short, citing other engagements, and possibly, problems with the law. As usual, McAfee was also traditionally participating as a presidential candidate for the 2020 elections.

McAfee also promoted several ICO projects, once again boosting their market price with his statements. Later, it became known that ICO promotion came at a steep fee.

Speculations on Reddit suggest that McAfee may be incarcerated, incapable of personal Twitter communication. The sudden disappearance happened just after McAfee shared his views about Ethereum.

Earlier, McAfee issued a more cryptic, forward-looking tweet, stating he prepared “2,000 statements” in explanation of any events that would happen to him. It is possible those last Tweets were in preparation of going dark on social media. Other Tweets have a strong anti-government slant:

McAfee was seen as a representative for the strongly libertarian side of the crypto community, standing against regulation and at some points supporting anonymous coin projects. In last week’s activity, his communication also suggested the government was “closing in”.

For now, we will have to wait for ‘more details to be released’ via his now staff-maintained Twitter account.

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