Crypto APIs Launches Trading APIs, Allowing Users to Leverage Multiple Crypto Exchange Accounts

After months of hard work and a lot of testing, Crypto APIs has launched the eagerly awaited Trading APIs.


The Trading APIs service provides one Unified API that has integrated multiple crypto exchanges. Thus, users will now be able to link multiple exchange accounts to their profile, collect data and execute their portfolio management trades from a single point.

What makes Trading APIs different is its security, which is at the core of all Crypto APIs’ products. Once again the team and all the people behind the project have made sure to deliver a quality product.

Everyone can start using and benefit from Crypto APIs’ Trading APIs without any upfront fees and at 0% commission.

Viktor Petrov said, ”We have spent months working on Trading APIs as a lot of our existing customers required a solution that would allow them to connect to multiple Crypto exchanges using one simple unified API. We are very proud of our team, that worked around the clock to launch such a powerful tool that will help traders, developers and funds to focus on their core offerings, while utilizing Crypto APIs”.

Crypto APIs is an infrastructure layer that helps development teams build blockchain and crypto products faster. It has already proven itself with its first two developed APIs:

Blockchain as a Service (Blockchain APIs) gives developers access to more than 10 Blockchain protocols with a straightforward API. The Blockchain APIs make it effortless to develop apps on all available blockchains; from Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, to Ethereum Classic, DOGE, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, BitcoinSV and others. By saving time and money, CryptoAPIs’ BaaS grants companies the time to focus on building their product, drive innovation, accelerate business and reduce risk.

Market Data APIs provide data collected from major cryptocurrency exchanges. The data supplied can be real-time, but also to historical, making Market Data APIs the most viable tool for any project based on crypto market data.

Now, with its third module Trading APIs, Crypto APIs is providing a secure and powerful solution for every company that needs user management for crypto exchanges. Trading APIs allows users to create and cancel orders, withdraw, check balances and more. It is now possible to view and manage your entire portfolio from one place, even when scattered on different exchanges.

Crypto APIs is used by thousands of developers to create products like Crypto exchanges, Crypto wallets, Trading bots, Crypto PSP, Arbitrage solutions, Crypto Lending solutions and many more.

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