Coincheck Back to Life, Resumes Trading XRP

Nearly a year after the infamous breach that took the crypto world by storm, Coincheck resumes XRP trading.

In the midst of a free-falling bear market for Bitcoin, some good news arrives as Coincheck continues to get back on its feet ten months after it suffered a crippling breach that cost the exchange over half a billion dollars.

According to a press release sent out today, Coincheck will be resuming trading services for both XRP and Factom (FCT). This means that the exchange is now fully operational and making all of its previous trading pairs once again available to the public.

“[To this date], Coincheck has been steadily resuming as each service’s technical safety is confirmed through the supports [sic] of external experts. As of the announcement today regarding XRP and FCT, Coincheck has resumed depositing and purchasing services for all tradable cryptocurrencies on Coincheck,” Monex Group’s release said.

Japanese residents will also be able to open up new accounts on the exchange if they wish to start trading.

Although the press release didn’t specify exact dates, other services like affiliation programs, JPY deposits through convenience stores, quick deposits, and leveraged transactions could be expected soon from the company.

The timing of the re-inclusion of XRP and FCT couldn’t have been better, as both of these coins are defiantly growing against a backdrop of red parentheses on the rest of the crypto market. FCT has seen 16.76% growth in the last 24 hours from press time, with much of it resulting from a possible boost from Coincheck’s re-listing.

There’s no indication as to whether this was intentional or not. However, considering that Coincheck picked a date exactly ten months from suffering a hacking incident suggests that the inclusion of these two coins was done under a deadline.

Both coins have also made gains against BTC as the latter drops to levels that haven’t been seen since September 2017. XRP/BTC grew by 2.74% while FCT/BTC shot up by a whopping 17.20%.

With growth figures like these on two newly traded coins on its platform, Coincheck might just be able to lure a few new customers through its virtual doors.

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