Celer Network (CELR) Reaches Mainnet Stage; Aims to Offer Scalable Blockchain Environment

One of the most successful Binance IEOs, Celer Network aims to offer a scalable blockchain environment.

Celer Network (CELR) unrolled its mainnet on July 8, keeping up with the previously announced deadline. The project, which received publicity by becoming one of the IEOs on Binance Launchpad, aims to create a fast, scalable blockchain environment.


CELR market prices stabilized around $0.016, dropping below the 2-cent mark. Binance remains the chief market for CELR activity. With the mainnet launch and a different mode of token transfers, CELR may see more active trading.

Celer Network aims to build a new environment for developers and users, and bring new speed and scalability to distributed apps.


The project gained from showing up on the stage as 2019 arrived with significant price appreciation for most digital assets. July is also a month where multiple projects decided to move onto their mainnet stage, after long months of waiting during the bear market.

The speed of Celer Network hinges on a second-layer solution, or transactions that are settled off-chain, then secured on the main blockchain. CelerX is the addition to the blockchain ecosystem, which offers crypto payment incentives for playing skills-based games.

Unfortunately, CELR is not the most successful IEO token for Binance, as its Bitcoin (BTC) price is even below the mark for the private sale.


But IEO tokens and new projects are still in the price discovery stage, and it is possible CELR market prices make a move in the future. So far, the upcoming mainnet has failed to create hype, as CELR is still volatile because of its still-establishing trading.

CELR is also near lows against Bitcoin (BTC) at 137 Satoshi, sliding gradually from the initial peak above 600 Satoshi. The asset also seems to be awaiting an altcoin season, where most assets appreciate in BTC terms.

CELR may also benefit from the participation in the MOBI consortium, a gathering of blockchain solutions startups and projects:


Celer Network plans to offer the consortium its proprietary solutions for speedier, cheaper transactions. Talks of a potential partnership with Facebook’s Libra have also been proposed, but are so far not confirmed.

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