Brave Announced as the Default Browser on HTC’s Blockchain Phone

Blockchain browser Brave has become the default option for the Exodus 1, HTC’s new crypto-focused phone.

Popular ad-blocking web browser Brave is now the default option on HTC’s new mobile phone, the Exodus 1. Brendan Eich, the CEO and Co-Founder of Basic Attention Token [BAT] and Brave, announced the news in a tweet during the weekend.

HTC’s Exodus 1 is a blockchain-powered mobile phone targeted at crypto enthusiasts and investors. According to HTC, the device is designed to work with a variety of digital assets, including BTC, ETH and Dfinity, and transactions made through the device are extremely secure.

BAT and Brave Expanding

The Brave browser serves as the foundation of the BAT ecosystem, a blockchain-based ad exchange platform that operates on Ethereum. Among the features offered by BAT are innovative methods for ad analytics, including the monetization of human attention with a pay-to-surf business model. In short, internet users are rewarded native BAT tokens for viewing ads on the BAT platform.

In August of this year, BAT was one of the few tokens to remain in the green during a bearish trend in project tokens.

Elements of the BAT platform have been integrated into the Brave browser, including the option for users to ‘tip’ content creators such as Medium writers or Trwitch streamers with BAT – similar to crowdfunding services such as Patreon. Brave also focuses heavily on optimizing the web browsing experience by decreasing load times, optimizing performance, and removing unoptimized ads.

The latest version of the browser, released in October of this year, introduced full compatibility with all Chrome extensions. That version marked the first official release of Brave to start with 1.X. The team behind the browser is working to implement additional functionalities in future versions, such as multi-core capacity and enhanced performance on mobile devices.

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