BitTorrent Token (BTT) Price Soars on Exchange Debuts

The new asset is still discovering its price ahead of the series of airdrops expected in the coming years.

BitTorrent Token (BTT) has started trading on Binance and was listed on KuCoin as well on Monday, reaching the predetermined milestone of exchange trading. As of 7:45 UTC, the BTT/BTC market was the most active one on Binance, outpacing even BTC/BNB trades. The asset has added 57% to its price in the past 24 hours, moving from an initial $0.00000008 up to $0.00000022.

Currently, only a small portion of BTT has been released in a crowdsale and a limited airdrop, and the price may move even more dramatically but also remain volatile. BTT is still extremely low-priced and could see additional speculation in the coming days. Even in the current bear market, the brand-new asset may serve to deliver returns not seen since the slump in 2017.

In BTC prices, BTT is already up 300%, early adopters noticed.

BTT markets are also opening on OKEx, KuCoin, UpBit and a few other exchanges, the BitTorrent team announced in a recent blog posting.

The real-life usage of BTT will arrive in the coming months, with project developers saying:

“Expected to launch in Q2 2019, BitTorrent Speed is a new product that rewards BitTorrent users with BitTorrent (BTT) in exchange for seeding and bandwidth, enabling faster downloads on BitTorrent products.”

In the future, the asset would also be available through a desktop app, the team suggested.

Following the debut of BTT, TRON (TRX) slid in terms of BTC prices, dropping from 746 Satoshi to around 728 Satoshi. It is unknown how the popularity of BTT would hurt or help TRX, but with a sub-penny price, the former carries greater promise for high returns.

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