Bitconnect Director’s Wife Still Missing: Police Now Suspecting Murder

St. George Police in Australia continue to search for the missing wife of John Bigatton, former Director of the renowned crypto ponzi scheme, Bitconnect.

Local police reports state that Madeline Bigatton, mother of 2, vanished 3 months ago from the Bigatton family mansion in Sydney Australia, on March 25th. Around 11:30am that morning Madeline dropped her daughter off at a nearby friend’s house and is believed to have driven to Kurnell in her black Kia Sorento, where the car was found later that night.

Suspicions were raised when she did not return home that evening and local police found her vehicle left abandoned on a cliff in Cape Solander.

Police are still looking for two men of indian-appearing descent who were in possession of Madeline’s car keys, over a week after she had disappeared.

Up until now the local authorities had treated this as a missing persons case, exploring ideas that the wife may have run away or potentially committed suicide due to alleged money issues. 

Now that 3 months have passed without any information, police are looking deeper into the husband’s involvement in directing a renowned multi-million dollar cryptocurrency ponzi scheme that affected thousands of unsuspecting investors, as a cause to create motive for murder.

John Bigatton is now currently under investigation by the FBI after the Bitconnect platform responsible for scamming millions of dollars from its users, collapsed on January 16th this year following several cease and desist letters from U.S regulators. The scam which offered highly lucrative returns of over 40% a month, exited without warning and left the platform’s users with worthless Bitconnect coins that rapidly plummeted in value from over $400 to less than $10 in a day.  Among the wreckage it left behind, stories flooded the news of people who lost their life savings and even took their own lives because of this ponzi scheme.

As the search continues, we can only hope that the mother of 2 will be found soon and returned safely home. For now John Bigatton is not a suspect in this case.