Bitcoin Mining Becomes Attractive As Crypto Market Surges Again

Capitalize on Bitcoin price recovery with up-to-date mining equipment from CryptoMiner Solutions.


The cryptocurrency market seems to have survived the winter as the recovery is gathering pace swiftly. On the weekend, a new bull’s wave took the Bitcoin’s price towards $9,000, which is the highest level in 2019 and best price since May 2018. Even though the coin has retreated below $8,800 by the time of writing, it is still  137% higher than at the beginning of the year.

These positive developments have far-reaching implications both for crypto trade traders and miners that earn money by discovering solutions to mathematical puzzles to confirm the network transactions.

While sometimes it looks like miners make Bitcoins out of thin air, it is not entirely true. They have to invest heavily in high-performance equipment and pay huge electricity bills as mining is an energy-intensive process. That’s why Bitcoin miners found themselves under pressure during a year-long bear market also known as crypto winter. Many small and individual miners were forced out of business, while large companies had to reduce their production facilities to stay afloat.

Now that the Bitcoin price is growing, mining Bitcoin is becoming profitable again. Thus, the average daily revenues of Bitcoin miners hit $17.5 million, according to stats by That’s comparable to the numbers of June 2018. Moreover, an average number of daily confirmed Bitcoin transactions is also growing steadily amid average transaction fees growth.

However, to capitalize on the positive trend and earn some Bitcoins, miners need to stay on top of technological developments and update their mining equipment regularly. As the mining difficulty tends to grow in sync with the price,  miners need more powerful and efficient equipment to stay competitive.

Luckily, these days, there are dedicated online marketplaces focused on mining equipment and accessories, where you can choose and purchase anything you need. CryptoMiner Solutions is one of such one-stop shops with a wide range of hardware for mining and storing cryptocurrency.

CryptoMiner Solutions accepts payments in Bitcoins, though the prices are quoted in US Dollars to mitigate the potentially negative consequences of Bitcoin volatility. According to the service, all shipments are made within 48 hours after payment confirmation, which means you won’t have to wait for ages for your order.

Apart from mining equipment and hardware crypto wallets, the company offers a wide range of services, including training webinars, equipment setup, maintenance, and repair services.

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