BiboxEurope Insta-Buy, a Major Success with Very High Demand for BTC, ETH

Insta-Buy, the fiat to crypto service supporting EUR and GBP purchases, immediately invited overwhelming demand.

BiboxEurope noted an overwhelming demand for its Insta-Buy service, established in partnership with VISA and MasterCard. BiboxEurope managed to sell all the pooled Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) available for immediate buyers, offering predictable prices for fiat buyers.

BiboxEurope is now working to re-supply Bitcoin (BTC) while Ethereum (ETH) purchases are back online. The activity on Insta-Buy follows a general trend of retail investors regaining interest in BTC and altcoins. Europe, along with the USA, is one of the regions with a new class of investors willing to add crypto coins to their portfolio.

BiboxEurope offers a completely transparent, legalized approach to buying digital assets, based on EU financial regulations. For EUR and GBP buyers, having a reliable and fully legal exchange clears doubts about the illegal nature of crypto coins.

In 2019, BTC market prices became attractive again, and highly liquid leading coins are once again attractive. For this reason, BiboxEurope has offered only a couple of liquid assets, offering a fiat on-ramp for those wishing to make an initial investment in crypto assets.

The Insta-Buy service can ship BTC and ETH within ten minutes of purchase, as the card transaction is immediately recognized. Buying up to 2,000 GBP equivalent of ETH or BTC is possible within a single transaction. BiboxEurope aims to build a full fiat on-ramp for digital assets, acting as a fast exchange service in addition to the highly liquid exchange. An exchange service offers additional convenience to first-time buyers or inexperienced traders who would prefer a predictable price and are not confident with placing orders.

A complete fiat on-ramp saves a lot of work for investors, or for traders who wish to add new assets in a transparent and legal way. Avoiding shady exchanges or crypto-only deals is one of the ways to assure beneficial exchange prices, as well as transparent and relatively low fees. BiboxEurope Insta-Buy offers a competitive fee of 2.9%, lower in comparison to other exchange services.

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