BiboxEurope Established Partnership for VISA, MasterCard Payments

The service is part of the Insta-Buy package, and supports fast and direct buying of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) with Euro (EUR) and Great Britain Pound (GBP).

BiboxEurope is offering an option for an even faster purchase of the two leading coins, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) via EUR and GBP currencies. The service will be available through a partnership with a third-party provider.

Users’ accounts will reflect the cryptocurrency balance just 10 minutes after payment - a speed crucial in the current shifting climate. BiboxEurope also offers a uniquely low flat fee of 2.9% for credit card purchases, much lower in comparison to Coinbase (3.99%) or Binance (3.5%).

It will be possible to buy crypto assets worth as much as 2,000 GBP in a single transaction, offering a reasonable threshold to investing in digital assets. BiboxEurope has extended the card service to the two leading assets, known for their extremely high activity. BTC remains the leading coin, but ETH is also a key asset for base pairs, as well as a necessary utility coin for using the Ethereum network.

BiboxEurope has secured full regulatory compliance based on EU regulations. BiboxEurope aims to expand in several chief directions, first by building a fast and reliable full fiat-to-crypto channel. The package also includes custodial services, asset insurance, as well as an exchange with adequate liquidity.

BiboxEurope serves the growing curiosity of European investors, where a new class of crypto-savvy buyers and new curious investors are appearing. As crypto asset prices recovered strongly in 2019, BiboxEurope and the Bibox Exchange have positioned themselves for growth based both on retail interest and the activity of experienced traders.

In the past quarter, the Square app was one more indicator for the need for an easy, fast fiat on-ramp. While Square’s cash app served mostly US-based buyers, BiboxEurope is offering a tailored approach suited to EU-based buyers.

The Bibox Token (BIX) managed to hold up its price range, despite the recent sell-off for altcoins. BIX lost only 9% in last week’s correction, trading at $0.26 as of August 19. The BIX token directly reflects the trading activity on Bibox Exchange, boosted by a more active interest in crypto assets.

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