Baidu Joins China’s Crypto Blockade

The popular search engine and internet services provider has deleted cryptocurrency-related subforums on its Baidu Tieba forum platform.

Baidu, China’s internet services giant, has joined the new anti-cryptocurrency blockade launched by the Chinese authorities earlier this month and is blocking crypto-related content.

According to a report by the Beijing business news outlet China Times, Baidu is now filtering, deleting and banning any cryptocurrency-related publications on its Reddit-like Baidu Tieba forum platform. Some cryptocurrency content on the forums has “disappeared without a trace”. The sub-forums devoted to “digital currency” and “cryptocurrency” are also unavailable and so are some information bars and widgets.

Baidu Tieba told China Times that the new measures are part of the “rectification from August 21”, referring to the new set of measures announced by the China National Fintech Risk Rectification Office. Last week it said it had identified 124 overseas crypto exchanges, the access to which it will block.

However, Baidu noted that so far the efforts to limit cryptocurrency-related information have not been very successful, particularly because crypto investors tend to communicate through overseas channels such as Telegram and Facebook, which are mostly beyond the reach of the Chinese authorities.

“Many people tend to be dubious and curious about the new currency,” a Baidu PR person told China Times. “They always like to check it online and ask friends and on social media and forums.“ However, the information is not always objective and those who have invested in cryptocurrencies go to great lengths to promote them and provide positive publicity, more often than not painting a false picture, the person noted.

Baidu is the latest Chinese internet services company to block cryptocurrency-related activities. Last week the instant messenger WeChat shut down chat groups and accounts related to the subject, while the online payments and money transfers platform AliPay announced it would closely monitor and block any transactions related to cryptocurrency trading.