72% of Crypto Consumers Plan to Buy More Coins

Demand for cryptocurrencies grows as 72% of consumers plan to increase their holdings – but investors remain doubtful.

The majority of crypto consumers and investors are looking to expand their holdings – yet the positive outlook is hindered by uncertainties and doubts. According to a recent survey by liquidity solutions provider SharesPost, 72% of crypto consumers and 59% of investors plan to increase their crypto holdings in the next 12 months.

“Despite the 60 percent decline in cryptocurrency valuations this year, consumers and investors continue to offer a bullish, long term outlook for crypto and Blockchain,” opens the report. “However, investors have become less optimistic about near-term cryptocurrency trends while consumers’ positive outlook remains largely unchanged since the beginning of the year.”

While the figure for the consumers has increased since last year’s report, investors who remain optimistic have decreased by 12%, down from 72% for 2018. Responses to the question “Do you think Crypto prices will rise in next 12 months?” demonstrate a similar trend, with 66% of consumers and only 57% of investors responding positively to it, a decrease since 2017.

Crypto and Blockchain Mainstream Adoption Postponed

Both investors and consumers toned down their expectations for widespread crypto and blockchain adoption. Most of the respondees believe 2025 to be the realistic figure for such an adoption, marking a five-year delay from last year’s most popular answer. Blockchain and crypto adoption hurdles have remained the same since 2018, with “Volatility & Security” and “Lack of education & commercial use cases” remaining as the top answers for both groups.

However, the desire to implement blockchain in business has increased across the board, with 33% of investors and 50% of consumers responding positively to the question “Is your company planning to implement Blockchain?”

Bitcoin Marks 30 Percentage Points Increase in Investor Interest

Bitcoin offers the most potential for long-term success. Both investors and consumers picked BTC as the cryptocoin they remain most bullish on, with Ethereum (ETH), XRP and Litecoin (LTC) coming a close second, third, and fourth.

Investors interest in Bitcoin saw a 30 percentage point jump. 78% of respondees demonstrated interest in the first cryptocurrency, up from 48% in 2018. Ripple sentiments were also positive, with investors preferring XRP to LTC and BCH.