$100,000 in Prizes for Stox Tennis Prediction Event Sponsored by Kuende

Blockchain social network Kuende sponsors Stox’ $100,000 prize pool for the Tennis US Open Prediction Tournament.

Leading blockchain-based social network Kuende is the official sponsor behind the Tennis US Open Prediction tournament. The event, which is hosted by blockchain prediction markets platform Stox, started yesterday, August 21st, and continues until September 9th. The event boasts an impressive prize pool of $100,000.

The event is open for participation for all users of Stox, where a new US Open category tab has been added to the app’s home screen. During the event, participators will be ranked on a leaderboard according to the accuracy of their predictions. At the end of the event, the prize pool will be divided among the top 500 ranked users in the form of KUE tokens totaling 10,000,000 KUE.

The US Open Tennis Tournament is an annual tennis championship held in New York City. It is one of the four tournaments that compromise Grand Slam, with a prize pool of $53 million.

KUE—The Kuende Token

Kuende is a gamified social network on blockchain technology that rewards its users with KUE tokens for participating in the community and creating viral content. KUE is an ERC20 token with a finite supply that is used as a measure of commitment to the Kuende ecosystem.

KUE holders will be able to transfer tokens to other people, as well as withdraw them. Some of the key features of the platform will be available only to KUE holders.

The KUE token can be used by users to create, vote, and participate in challenges – gamified real-life dares between Kuende users with viral potential and broad appeal. Kuende’s goal is to connect people with similar interests, hobbies and tastes in the real world and stimulate healthy social connections.

The token was initially obtainable during Kuende’s ICO, but now can only be received through the community pools, or by participating in challenges organized by Kuende. The US Open event is the first of those challenges.