Token Talk: Tolar HashNET and COTI ICO review

Tolar Hashnet - Beyond Blockchain Technology (

Tolar is offering a distributed ledger solution as a service. In their promotional material they claim they want to be a competitor to projects like Ethereum and Icon, but in real terms they are in the same sphere as Zilliqa, Quarkchain, Credits, Wanchain and Zebi.

Tolar is based in Croatia, and has a solid team, which at points seems rather light on the blockchain side of things, but its working MVP (minimum viable product) counters a lot of those concerns on paper. After all, performance is uppermost on any project.

Tolar seems to be getting a lot of natural traction and buzz at the moment. Is it justified? Find out in the video review.

COTI  - currency of the internet (

This second project caught my eye due to the team and their approach. Their approach is very sector centred (starting with online retail payments) and they have an impressive breadth of experience. I like the approach of focus, clear first user case and assembling the skill to match this task.

Big budgets and a super slick campaign that rings true. Will they make a decent investment for a flip or long term holding? Look past the delivered message to get some real analysis in the video review.

Honourable mentions to Ship It ( for making us smile with their video.